Nightmare Mundane functions on 3 Stat groups – Physical, Social, and Mental. There is also negative stats, which can be found here


  • Speed – Straightforward. This is your movement speed and accompanies the Skills Agility and Dodge
  • Strength – Also straightforward. This is your ability to lift or move objects, and accompanies the Skills Melee and Athletics.
  • Stamina – This is how many hits you can take, and accompanies the Skills Endurance and Fortitude. It also lends to your Space Stat.


  • Presence – This is basically the aura of authority you exude, and accompanies the Skills Intimidate and Command.
  • Charisma – See Bard. This accompanies the Skills Charm and Diplomacy.
  • Appeal – This is a mixture of your physical appeal (looks, body language) and your intrinsic appeal (Your usual attitude). It accompanies the Skills Seduce and Rally.


  • Cunning – This stat is similar to Wits in other systems. It accompanies the Puzzle and Bluff Skills.
  • Wisdom – Wisdom is a deeper knowledge, often brought on by age or experience. Perception and Research accompany this stat.
  • Intellegence – If I need to explain this, you don’t need this stat. This accompanies the Skills Knowledge and Medicine.


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